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Principal of Operation re: Typical Heat Pump Dryers:

The product is placed in the dryer on horizontal drying flakes. Fans located above a false ceiling circulates conditioned air through this plenum and on through the product. The warm dry air absorbs moisture given off from the product, causing the air to increase in humidity and decrease in temperature. Accurate portion of this air then passed through a dehumidifying coil which further cools it and condenses the moisture. The air is reheated as it passes through a hot gas condenser, then mixes with the bypassed air and on through the fans, plenum and flakes for a continuous drying cycle.

Advantages of the Heat Pump Dryer:
System Computer Control Centre

One advantage of the computerized control center is the real time read-out of the moisture content (MC) of the product being dried. This process is achieved by measuring the moisture removed from the product as it passes from the condensate pan to the drain.

Advantages of Computer Control System:
Five Basic factors are programmed into the computer:
The last two factors can be programmed to change automatically throughout the drying cycle in direct response to the moisture content of the product. You have a constant readout of all conditions within the drying chamber, e.g.: Present moisture content, temperature setting and humidity.

This method will automatically change drying stages based on the current moisture content and then shut down the dryer when the desired moisture content has been reached. Through actual drying cycles, the accuracy of this automation has been found to be within 0.5%. A printout of above conditions can also be a function of the computer control.

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